Amazing Matilda By Bette A. Stevens

Amazing Matilda


Bette A. Stevens

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When young children face a new challenge, they bear an enormous pressure: They do not have enough experience to be certain that things will eventually work out for better.

Even when we, as their parents, tell them everything will be all right, it’s hard for them to be at ease. And still, they have to trust us and work at solving their problems. That is a hard situation to be at.

Matilda is facing the same problem: She wants to become a Monarch and fly, but she does not know how to do it, how to learn it or even if she ever will be able to try it.

When her older friends, the Toad, the Rabbit and the Sparrow, tell her she can do it, she still has some doubts.

But later on, Matilda decides to have faith, to trust, to exercise her patience and work at solving her problems.

And so… she becomes amazing.

Children reading this beautiful book, written and illustrated by Bette A. Stevens, will not only realize that they are not alone at their crossroads, but also that their patience and hard work do pay up.

And when you are very young, that knowledge may be a life saver.

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Amazing Matilda


Bette A. Stevens

Cuando los niños pequeños se enfrentan a un nuevo reto reciben una enorme presión: no tienen la suficiente experiencia para saber con certeza que las cosas se resolverán para bien eventualmente.

Aún cuando nosotros, como sus padres, les decimos que todo estará bien, es difícil que se relajen. Aún así, tienen que confiar en nosotros y trabajar por resolver sus problemas. Esa es una situación difícil.

Matilda tiene el mismo problema: Quiere convertirse en una mariposa monarca y volar, pero no sabe cómo hacerlo, cómo aprenderlo o incluso, si alguna vez podrá siquiera probarlo.

Cuando sus amigos de más edad, como el Sapo, el Conejo o Gorrión le aseguran que puede hacerlo, Matilda aún tiene sus dudas.

Pero más adelante decide tener fe, confiar y ejercitar su paciencia y trabajar en resolver sus problemas.

Y así… se convierte en la maravillosa Matilda.

Los niños que lean este maravilloso libro, escrito e ilustrado por Bette A. Stevens, no solamente se darán cuenta de que no están solos en sus encrucijadas, sino que su paciencia y su trabajo duro siempre pagan dividendos.

Y cuando eres muy joven, saber eso puede salvar tu vida.

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9 comments on “Amazing Matilda By Bette A. Stevens

  1. Thanks for the wonderful review, Joe. Fabulous to have it in Spanish, too… You are awesome!

  2. Amazing indeed. When I was a little child I had the same feeling. I thought my parents were not there enough for me, but here I am with all the traits they wanted me to have. Thanks Bette for your encouraging blog to children. Great write!!

    • Paul, I also had the same feeling. I guess, everybody does? Thank you for your interest on our blog and on Bette´s work. Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you write about?

      • I normally write poems and poetry notes. My blog title is ‘;Enjoying poetry, our every day smile’ it’s on word press too. I am also on As an aspiring poet I really enjoy nature and life besides my profession. For more information just click my name on I mainly like your blog for it inspires young ones.

      • Sounds great Paul. I will be sure to check your blog. Thanks for sharing!

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