Pure Trash, by Bette Stevens

pure trash


Today is a very special day for our friend Bette Stevens, the author of “Amazing Matilda: A Monarch Tale.”

After months and months of work, finally her new book, “Pure Trash” is available on Amazon on a Kindle format.

Having read Bette´s work before, I will recommend that you get your copy now at:


We thank Bette for sharing the news with us and hope to have a review of her book soon on our blog.

Congratulations, Bette!!


4 comments on “Pure Trash, by Bette Stevens

  1. I have read this and can highly recommend it. It is a wonderful short story.:)

  2. Thanks, Amelia. I visited your blog at http://ameliacurzonblogger.wordpress.com/ and loved it!! I am putting it on my blogroll now and I will keep a close eye to it, since I think I will be learning a lot from you. I am looking forward to read your review. Come and let us know when it is ready!! :0) Joe

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